4 reasons for a dog from the shelter

Every dog ​​from the shelter is looking forward to a new home with a loving biped. Here are four good reasons why you should choose a dog from the shelter.

First of all, it is a prejudice that a dog from the shelter often has a behavioral disorder. The reasons why skin drops end up in the shelter can be very different. Only rarely are they "problem dogs". And even if it does: with patience, love and the right education - possibly with professional help - can often fix behavioral problems.

1. You save two dog lives

According to estimates by the animal welfare organization PETA, around 100, 000 animals are released each year in German animal shelters. There they wait for a new home. Help a dog out of the shelter, possibly save two dog lives: they offer a new, safe home to the one and make room for a new dog in the shelter, which gets a chance.

2nd dog from the shelter gets second chance

Why a dog ends up in the shelter is not always clear. Many have escaped or been abandoned. Often the former owner died too. In any case, give the dog a second chance for a good life with love. Your new dog will thank you, guaranteed.

3. Large selection in the shelter

If you have chosen to partner with a dog, you may not know which dog you would like. The shelter has many dogs to choose from. Tip: Take your time with the selection and do not just go for optical impressions. In the best case, it sparkles between you and a four-legged friend and you immediately realize that it will become a special human-dog friendship. In any case, you should be well advised by an employee of the shelter during the adoption.

4. No support frivolous breeders

Dog breeding can sometimes be a cruel and profit-oriented business. Breed dogs are sometimes raised under non-welfare conditions by so-called propagators and then sold for a lot of money. In the worst case, even the dog mafia has its fingers in the game. If you rescue a dog from the shelter, you do not support dubious dog breeders.

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