4 tips for the right grooming: Wellness for the dog

Regular grooming is important for your dog, not just for aesthetic reasons. If the care of the dog fur is neglected, it can become matted, so that the skin under it can no longer breathe well. Eczema and dermatitis are the result, which are very painful for your four-legged friend. In addition, unkempt dog fur starts to smell bad.

Nevertheless, you should not consider the grooming for your dog as a chore, but make it a small wellness ritual for yourself and your pet. If your dog enjoys the care relaxed, it facilitates the task and you strengthen the human-dog-friendship.

1. Make yourself comfortable

Choose a quiet time and a comfortable place for grooming your dog. For example, after a long walk in the evening or on Sunday afternoon. Ideal times are fixed, so that your dog can get used to the care ritual better. You can give your four-legged friend his favorite blanket to lay down, turn on for yourself beautiful music or otherwise provide a cozy atmosphere.

2. Match coat care to dog coat

Dogs with short-haired fur need a different care than dogs with long-haired fur, and thus other care tools. Short-haired, rough-haired and wirehaired dogs need to be groomed about every two days with a plucking brush. Dog breeds with a long coat need daily care with a brush, comb and thinning scissors to avoid matted fur.

In addition to grooming, you can also bathe shorthair dogs twice a year. Dogs with a long coat need a bath about four times a year. For dogs with straight hair, it is usually enough to only bathe them if they are very dirty, otherwise the regular brushing and combing will suffice.

3. Prepare suitable equipment

To help you and your dog relax while grooming, it's handy to have all the brushes, combs and other items handy. If you have to interrupt the wellness ritual in between to get something, it causes unrest.

4. Get used to grooming pups

It is best to accustom your dog to grooming if he is still a puppy. The puppy skin is usually soft and easy to care for, so you only need to brush through it for a short time. However, do it regularly so that it is normal for your dog to care for its coat.

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