5 bad manners due to wrong dog training

False dog training can lead to bad manners that can not be easily corrected. Are you familiar with some of the five examples of parental errors?

If you want to make the wrong dog education back, you need patience, time and above all consequence. Your dog does not know that he has bad manners, but behaves that way, because he thinks this is right. This is because a pet has learned the "bad" behavior only. If it is difficult for you to rearrange your dog, contact a professional dog trainer and possibly an animal psychologist.

1. Begging for food

And if he looks so heartbreaking: Dogs or puppies can never be fed from the table or while cooking. Otherwise, your pet will learn from the wrong dog education that there is always a treat for him when preparing food or sitting at the dining table. If he does not get anything, he does not understand why "and begs. So stay consistent from the start, best introduce fixed feeding times and give your dog or puppy food in a bowl.

2. Lying on the sofa or bed

The dog in bed is cozy and cuddly, as long as he is still small or good at the foot. But your dog does not realize that "on the bed" does not mean the whole bed, but only a part of it. Also, your pet can not understand why he is allowed to dry feet on the sofa, but not with wet paws. Bad manners like sleeping secretly on the bed or on the couch when you're not looking right now are also due to poor dog training. Where the consequence is missing, your dog can not recognize rules and therefore can not learn.

3. Starting by wrong dog training

Perhaps it does not bother you even if your dog jumps on or licks passersby to greet them happily. But unfortunately not all people like it, some people even get scared of it. Tell your dog right from the start that he is not allowed to jump and lick anyone. Then there should be no problems due to bad manners.

4. Excessive barking

If you want to scorn your dog's constant barking, that's not easy. It is easier not to accuse him of continuous barking. Train with him the command "Off" and make sure that your four-legged friends have as little reason for barking. Give it security, treat it appropriately and adequately, so that it does not bark out of fear or boredom.

5. Bad manners during the walk

False dog training can also cause your pet to pull on a leash while walking. He then learned that when he pulls on a leash and goes where he wants to, he gives in. It is best to stop immediately when your dog is pulling, and only continue walking when it stops. In this way he learns that it is not worth to press for him.

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