Barfen beim Puppy: Tips and Recipes

If you want to treat your dog as a puppy, you should pay attention to a few things. Even with raw feeding, the needs of small and large four-legged friends differ a bit. These tips will help you to get a handle on these differences.

BARF (organic species-appropriate raw food) is a feeding method that is based on the diet of wolves. Instead of dry or wet food, four-legged animals are given only natural food such as raw meat or fruit and vegetables. But can you also puppies? Yes or no? This is possible if you follow the instructions below.

How much cash does my puppy get? Calculate quantity correctly

Adult dogs need about two to three percent of their body weight per day in food. In young animals, the need is relatively higher, as they are still growing. Calculate four to eight percent of the current body weight for the portion size for puppies. A five-kilogram puppy gets 200 to 400 grams of food. If your puppy weighs only one kilogram, 40 to 80 grams of meat will come into your bowl.

The calculated amount of barf should not be given to your puppy at once. Divide his entire daily allowance into four to five meals. Gradually you can reduce this number until your pet eats two to three times a day like a full-grown dog.

If your four-legged friend is a large breed of dog, it is advisable to feed smaller portions more often. This way you can prevent a dangerous stomach rotation.

Barf for puppies - what belongs to the nutrition plan?

At Barfen, 70 to 80 percent of the food consists of meat, offal and bone, the remaining 20 to 30 percent of fruits and vegetables. Puppies have a particularly high calcium requirement for their bone growth.

Bones and cartilage are useful for feeding. However, puppies with their deciduous teeth can not bite whole bones or cartilage pieces so well. Instead, you can add bone meal to the food. Chicken necks can also chew young dogs with milk teeth. If you are unsure about what supplements your puppy needs when feeding fresh meat, check with your veterinarian.

As a meat base are suitable for puppies ground beef, beef heart and horse meat. Herbal ingredients for the puppy-friendly Barf meal are finely grated apples, carrots or fennel. You can also upgrade the fresh food with oil, for example salmon oil or cod liver oil.

How does the Barf conversion work for the puppy?

In principle, you can puppy already from the fourth or fifth week of life when they are gradually weaned from breast milk. Instead of feeding canned puppies, the first solid food is raw meat and a few vegetables.

The habituation to solid feed should be slow and careful. For the very small dogs, the ingredients must be pureed very finely so that the puppies can better digest the food. After about a year you can then bar your four-legged as well as an adult dog.

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