Pick a dog puppy from the litter: Tips

You have decided to give a dog puppy a new home and already have the right litter in the eye? Then it's time to pick one of the sweet four-legged friends. What they should pay attention to - besides the sympathy - read here.

Although your puppy should move in at the age of twelve weeks, but you may choose him earlier from the litter. A wonderful time for the first visit of the small dog family is when the puppies are between three and four weeks old, because now the little ones start to take an interest in their environment.

Choose Dog Puppy: The First Meeting

A friendly, open-hearted dog breeder and a healthy, well-groomed dog family are the first important criteria when choosing a healthy, cheerful and well-socialized puppy. Now you get to know the litter: Perhaps one of the little four-legged friends will meet them, greet them excitedly, or challenge them to play, so that the choice is easy for them.

But also pay attention to the more restrained animals in the litter: Often these dog puppies develop into especially friendly, calm and peace-loving dogs, which fit well in families. Whether you fall in love with a cheeky, sassy puppy or a discreet, shy, you should now focus on various health and character aspects.

How to recognize a healthy puppy

A healthy, normally socialized puppy is alert, alert and curious. By no means should he be very nervous or apathetic, or just hide. The eyes of a healthy animal shine and are as clean as the animal's ears and nose.

The coat looks pure and healthy and should have neither bald nor red spots. A puppy should not be too thin or conspicuously fat, but should have a healthy, plump puppy figure. The dog breeder should also give you willingly about the health of the parents, vaccinations, any Erbkranhkeiten & Co., before you finally decide on one of the animals.

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