First aid in cats: resuscitation measures

Resuscitation measures can save cat lives. Therefore, you should know basic First Aid rules. Here are tips on how to deal with an unconscious velvet paw and help you in an emergency.

A sick, injured or otherwise involved in a health emergency cat must of course be treated as soon as possible by a veterinarian. Nevertheless, as a cat owner you should be able to master and apply first aid in cats, as the time to veterinary treatment sometimes takes too long.

First aid in cats: check vital signs

Before you begin resuscitation, determine if the unconscious velvet paw actually needs it. Talk to the cat and watch her respond. Then check the animal's breathing: Does the ribcage raise and lower regularly? To feel the pulse of a cat, place your hand on the inside of the thigh. The heartbeat can be felt on the chest at the level of the elbow.

Next, open an eye of the cat and light it in with a flashlight. Does the pupil contract? If so, start immediately with the resuscitation measures. In the video you can see more about checking the condition of a cat:

Resuscitation in cats: respiratory and cardiac massage

The first aid measures for resuscitation are also directed at cats according to the ABC scheme:

● A as "respiratory tract": Open the mouth of the animal, pull out the tongue and remove foreign matter or vomit.

● B for "ventilation": The tongue of the cat remains in front. Close the animal's mouth and stretch the neck. Beat the animal through its nose every three seconds. The ribcage needs to lift, but it should not bulge too much.

● C for "Circulation": If you have noticed that the cat's heart is not beating, start the cardiac massage. Place a folded cloth under the back of the animal, place your left hand flat on the rib cage, and with two fingers of your right hand, press your flat left hand five to ten times in quick succession.

Resuscitate the animal and then check the heartbeat again. Another variant of the heart massage, in which you press the chest as a whole, can be found in this video:

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