Cat as a release: This is the preparation

You want to keep your cat as a free-lance? Give her and herself a detailed preparation so that your tiger tiger can safely discover the big wide world. Nothing is more beautiful than a cat that feels good outside. To ensure this, you as a mistress or master should take some precautions.

The curiosity of cats is endless. The own four walls are also interesting, but not as exciting as the outdoors. So that your velvet paw is not lost, it is advantageous to provide them with a label, such as a microchip. Speaking of microchip: You can control the clearance of your cat, among other things using a microchip-controlled cat flap. The door for your Miez has a built-in timer. This will allow your cat to turn on and off at predefined times only. Furthermore, keep away uninvited visitors, because the flap opens only for the wearer with the microchip.

Cat as a freezer: Is the environment suitable?

Before allowing your velvet paw clearance, make sure the area you live in is cat friendly. Busy roads are a big threat to any cat, and poorly-defined crossings can be fatal to your pet. But it's not always just obvious things, such as aggressive dogs that can be dangerous. Long-established cat owners often know if a cat hater is in the area - you should inquire about that as well.

Preparations: Vaccinations, Microchip and Co.

Before releasing your cat into nature as a freewheeler, you should protect her from the dangers of the outside world in the best possible way. Ask the vet which vaccinations are essential if your cat is out regularly. Also, preventive measures against ticks, fleas and other parasites are a must. Have your darling identified with a microchip or tattoo so that he can be brought back to you more easily in the event of a fall.

You should also have cats and cats castrated or sterilized before clearance. The animals then stay closer to the house and do not track every common conspecific. Finally, you should slowly get used to your tomb tiger to the new freedom. Start with just a few minutes daily and accompany him. You will soon realize that a cat as a release soon feels very well.

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