Cats and tomcats do not fight for the same reasons

Cats and hangovers are sometimes very different in behavior, even when it comes to fighting or fighting behavior with conspecifics. But where are the differences and why are female and male velvet paws fighting?

It is primarily hangovers that are often associated with fighting, but cats also carry out their battles with conspecifics. The reasons are usually very different. While hangovers want to impress and measure their powers, the cats are mainly about defense.

Tomcat fight offensively and measure their powers

I'm tall, I'm strong, I'm invincible - that's how you could describe the appearance of a hangover before and during a fight with another hangover. The keyword is: show off. It is mainly about the showdown, when two tomcats start and jump. In the process, hangovers sometimes go into battle quite far from the house and occasionally come back with disheveled fur and even wounds. In a district hierarchies are determined by fighting. No adult hangover can escape this rule.

Cats fight defensively and defend themselves

Females, in contrast to offensively active cats, usually fight defensively. This means defending themselves, their offspring and their territory when they see it threatened. However, they do not seek the fight and avoid it wherever possible.

The reason lies in the natural thought that a cat needs a reasonably large area to find enough prey for their young animals - there are intruders, this area must be defended. This is especially true when their babies or themselves are directly at risk.

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