How long may a puppy stay alone?

When your puppy moves in with you, you slowly practice with him, that he can stay alone. How long this works depends on various factors.

A dog baby is gradually getting used to being alone bit by bit. It learns that it is not bad if his person is not there for a short time. So do not throw your protege into the cold water, but work your way up slowly so that he can stay alone for a few hours.

Puppy alone at home: How long is that good?

After a while and the preparation time, you can leave the little four-legged friend alone for about three to four hours. If you stay away longer, you risk that your protégé, who is finally a pack animal, gets bored and hates nonsense. Also, it may be that he has to go out, get hungry or simply miss his owners terribly - all things that would cause him to remain alone with a bad experience.

Make the wait as pleasant as possible

If you want to make sure that your dog can easily spend a few hours alone without boggling the whole house, make sure that he does not associate something bad with the time you are away. His environment should be completely safe for dogs and be free from potential hazards.

Of course, the four-legged friends should be locked up nowhere and have everything he needs: water, dog toys and a cozy place. By going for a walk with your protege beforehand and it's best to play it tirelessly, make sure that time flies by because he's using them for a snooze anyway.

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