Prevent tartar from the dog

Tartar in the dog can have many causes - but it is unpleasant in any case. How to prevent the coating on the teeth of your four-legged friend can be found here.

Tartar in the dog is expressed by rough deposits on the tooth surface, in the interdental spaces or on the gum line. These greenish-gray to brown coverings also cause in many dogs a foul-smelling bad breath. In order to prevent the tartar, a thorough dental care is very important.

Thorough cleaning is the nuts and bolts

Anyone who is worried that his dog might have problems with tartar - smaller dog breeds with a short muzzle, for example, tend to do so - should definitely make sure to treat their four-legged friends as regularly as possible to clean their teeth. It's best to brush your teeth every day. Important is a special equipment consisting of a toothbrush suitable for dogs and a special toothpaste for four-legged friends. For better protection of the teeth from deposits you can apply tooth wax after cleaning.

To prevent tartar: Tips for the dog

If you want to prevent tartar in the dog, but you should pay attention to a few things in terms of nutrition. Not only is too much sugar unhealthy for your pet, it also promotes the proliferation of bacterial plaque that can trigger tartar. Instead, occasionally give your dog a special chewing gum with a dental care effect. This dissolves coverings with its special texture.

A good tip is to have your pet checked out by the vet if you have concerns. He can give you tips on how to individually prevent tartar from the dog. Nutrition tips that are specifically tailored to the teeth and needs of your four-legged friend can also help.

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